1st Thursday Bayshore School, Daly City
3rd Saturday Ethan's gigantic 4th birthday, SF 11:45am
4th Sunday 4 big birthdays to celebrate, SF, 3pm
6th Tuesday We Play We Learn Preschool, Pacifica, 10am
12th Monday St. Peters Martyr School, Pittsburg, 9am

13th Tuesday
14th Wednesday

My friends at Project Read, Burlingame, 7pm
16th Friday Thomas Edison School, Daly City, 9am
17th Saturday Magic show, Berkeley, 11am
San Francisco, 4pm
18th Sunday Big Sawyer is turning 6, Pacifica, 12:45pm
19th Monday St.'s Peter and Paul School, SF, 9:15am
Another Catholic school I've performed at for over 25 years.
22nd Thursday Trenton's amazing 10th birthday, San Rafael
31st Saturday North Highland's Easter Magic Show, Mill Valley, 10am
Celebrating Ruth's 100th birthday!!!
Magic Dan in Cuba, March 2016