5th Saturday Potrero Hill Library, SF, 11am
Josh's big 5th birthday, Lafayette, 3pm
6th Sunday Liam's amazing 6th birthday, Belmont, 12pm
Henry's gigantic 5th birthday, SF, 2:30pm
Party, SF, 4:15
7th Monday My friends at Phoebe Hearst School, SF, 9:30, 10:30am
8th Tuesday All Souls School, SSF, 2pm
12th Saturday Riley and Parker celebrating a big birthday, 11am
Miss Unlimited Pageant, SF, 2pm

19th Sunday

Kyle's special 3rd birthday, Dublin, 11:30am
21st Monday Tate's great 6th birthday
24th Thursday Arts and Sciences Day at El Granada School.
2 workshops and a show. 25 years in a row celebrating the arts and sciences. VERY COOL!
St Ignatius School, SF, 7pm
26th Saturday Big Pax is turning 7, San Rafael, 12:45pm
Celebrating Ruth's 100th birthday!!!
Magic Dan after performing at the Casa de Los Ninos orphanage in Oaxaca Mexico, February 2018.
Magic Dan in Cuba, March 2016