1st Saturday

Althea's amazing 6th birthday, SF, 11am

6th Thursday Corona Creek School, 10:45am
Meadows School, 1:15pm
Both in Petaluma and a celebration of kindergarden graduation.
7th Friday Ingleside Library, SF, 3pm
9th Sunday Ethan's gigantic 6th birthday, Daly City, 11am
11th Tuesday Dublin Library, 1, 2:30pm
15th Saturday San Leandro Library, San Leandro, 10:30am
17th Monday Glen Park Library, 2pm
Merced Branch Library, 4pm
Both in SF
18th Tuesday Shu Ren ITL School, Berkeley, 1pm
Burlingame Library, 6:30pm
20th Thursday Coast Guard Island Pre School, Alameda, 9:30am
22nd Saturday Brin's amazing 5th birthday, SF , 3:30pm
25th Tuesday JFK Library, Vallejo, 10:30am
25 years in a row performing for their summer reading program.
26th Wednesday Manteca Library, 1pm
27th Thursday Fairfield Curdelia Library, 10:30am
29th Saturday Cameron's huge 7th birthday, SF, 11:45am
Celebrating Ruth's 100th birthday!!!
Magic Dan after performing at the Casa de Los Ninos orphanage in Oaxaca Mexico, February 2018.
Magic Dan in Cuba, March 2016