Magic Dan is celebrating his 20th year as a professional magician! In that period, he has entertained thousands of children of all ages in libraries, pre-schools, elementary schools and parties.

His fast-paced programs are always educational, and combine a blend of great magic with a whole lot of fun. Magic Dan’s captivating performances are filled with positive messages that enhance and reinforce education, reading, and self-esteem. Through the power of magic, Magic Dan gets kids to embrace reading and feel good about themselves.

Magic Dan enjoys working with individual schools and libraries to shape shows around particular themes, such as summer reading programs, red ribbon week, the Harry Potter books, and self-esteem building. Every weekend Magic Dan is in households throughout the Bay Area - performing his special Birthday Magic, where every birthday child is the star of the show.

A former teacher and part-time tennis player, Magic Dan lives in San Francisco with his wonderful wife Angie. Magic Dan loves a good joke and truly believes that magic is within us all.




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